EnzyPep is a venture capital-backed company that develops green, sustainable and cost-effective routes to synthesize pharmaceutical peptides and bioconjugates using its proprietary CEPS (Chemo Enzymatic Peptide Synthesis) and PECON (Protein Enzymatic CONjugation) toolbox. An enzymatic peptide ligation technology enabling:

Efficient industrial scale production of peptides for the growing market of biological pharmaceuticals

Extension of the lifecycle of branded blockbusters

Improvement of generic versions (by raising bar on quality)

Creation of a “gold standard” (no racemisation and improved overall purity)

Lower cost of goods in production (less purification required), faster production, higher throughput; less equipment utilization, reduced use of expensive equipment

Creating shorter and more predictable development trajectories from synthesis strategy development start to experimental proof-of-principle of peptide assembly concept

Significant reduction in waste streams

Targeting a global oligopeptide market of $ 15 bln (dosage form) and $ 1 bln (API) each growing at 5-7% per year

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"A new paradigm in (oligo)peptide synthesis"