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We offer solutions for a cost-effective manufacturing of peptide therapeutics and efficient generation of bioconjugates:

  • Development of chemo-enzymatic (CEPS) route for the synthesis of our peptide:
    • Determination of the best CEPS fragment strategy to assemble your peptide using our enzyme screening technology in combination with computational approaches
    • Feasibility study to assess the potential of CEPS for your peptide
    • Proof-of-Concept studies on desired scale (mg, g) – up to 100 g (non-GMP)
    • Optimization of both SPPS of the fragments as well as the enzymatic ligation
    • (large scale) enzyme production
    • Synthesis of (multi-)cyclic peptides
    • Enzyme engineering to tailor our enzymes to your peptide of choice (using computational and experimental approaches)
    • Scale-up studies

We can offer non-GMP peptides customized for pre-clinical and tox studies, and – in cooperation with our FDA-approved GMP partners – cGMP-grade material for clinical trials and commercial products.

  • EnzyPep’s Protein Enzymatic Conjugation (PECON) toolbox for efficient bioconjugation
    • Tagging your peptide or protein with a molecule of your choice: e.g. derivatization to introduce posttranslational modifications
    • Feasibility study to asses the enzymatic ligation to a protein of your choice
    • Optimization of the enzymatic conjugation reaction
    • Protein engineering
    • Selection of suitable ligases to enable selective mono-conjugation to hetero-dimers, e.g. chain-selective coupling to antibodies