Service offering


  • Determining the best chemo-enzymatic peptide synthesis (CEPS) strategy to assemble your peptide: With our enzyme screening technology we can determine the optimal ligation strategy and develop an initial peptide assembly concept in a matter of weeks. To perform this screening, we start with a few mg of your final peptide product, which you may provide or we can prepare at EnzyPep. Ideally, EnzyPep would perform the first feasibility study of the fragment condensation in-house (highest chance of success due to years of experience). At a later stage, the enzyme(s) could be sent to the customer for testing in-house.
  • If a sample of the final peptide is not immediately available due to the complexity of the molecule or lack of conventional synthesis strategies, we can use computer simulation to select the appropriate enzymes.
  • Development of a scalable fragment condensation process for almost any peptide can be achieved within months. We use classical synthetic methods (SPPS, LPPS) to manufacture the fragments before employing enzymatic ligation to obtain the final product. Engineering and expression of optimized enzymes themselves typically requires two-months.
  • Synthesis of lab scale quantities: We can produce peptides via classical chemistry, enzymatic ligation or a combination of both up to 100-gram scale. We can offer non-GMP peptides customized for pre-clinical and tox studies, and – in cooperation with our FDA-approved GMP partners – cGMP-grade material for clinical trials and commercial products.
  • Peptide derivatisation, ligation and cyclisation: We have a number of different enzymatic technologies enabling the synthesis of modified peptides (tagged with coumarine, nitroaniline, (thio)esters, etc.), ligation of peptides to other molecules and peptide head-to-tail cyclisation.