CEPS technology: disruptive. A totally innovative technical solution to make peptides quicker, cleaner and cheaper.

USPs: New production method for commercial manufacturing of peptides and conjugates. Lowering costs, improving product quality, creating improved NCEs and generics. Predictable and significantly shorter development and scale up time for NCEs with higher success.
Flexibility; Synthetic strategy can be tailored to customer specs; e.g. custom developed enzymes.

Proof of Principle (up to 100 g scale): the novel enzymatic technology platform has been proven to drastically decrease the cost-price of:

  • Long peptides (containing 15-50 amino acids) using enzymatic coupling in aqueous solution, e.g. for multiple commercial peptides

CEPS overview

The broadly applicable ligase Omniligase-1 is commercially available from Sigma-Aldrich and Iris Biotech.

Larger quantities of ligases, e.g. Omniligase-1 can be directly supplied by EnzyPep.