Our engineered ligase variants have the following characteristics:

  • No epimerization of the C-terminal residue.
  • Ligation possible with partially protected as well as deprotected peptides.
  • Ligation in aqueous conditions at near neutral pH.
  • Tolerate wide range of co-solvents: ≤ 50% DMSO or DMF.
  • Have very fast reaction times (<10 min – 1 h).
  • Kinetically controlled, irreversible reaction.
  • High catalytic efficiency (<0.001 molar equiv.).
  • Only use of low molar excesses of amine fragment (1.0 – 1.5 equivalents) required.
  • No footprint at ligation site.
  • Thermostable: Active at >55⁰C.
  • Resistant against disrupting agents: SDS, EDTA, 4 M GnCl, 2 M urea
  • Use of less solvents = greener chemistry

More information, e.g. about possible applications using EnzyPep’s ligases.