Patents / IP position

List of patents:

  1. Enzymatic conversion of oligopeptide amides to oligopeptide alkyl esters (EP1937826)
  2. Chemo-enzymatic peptide synthesis via C-terminal ester interconversion (EP2198037)
  3. Peptide synthesis using enzymatic activation and coupling (WO2010057961A1)
  4. Side-chain protected oligopeptide fragment condensation using subtilisins in organic solvents (WO2013129926A1)
  5. Peptide fragment condensation and cyclisation using a subtilisin variant with improved synthesis over hydrolysis ratio (WO2016056913A1)
  6. Designing an enzymatic peptide fragment condensation strategy (WO2017007324 (A1))
  7. Two additional patents in the examination phase and 2 new patents in the pipeline